A Sacred Approach to Creating the Life You Desire!

Are you ready to make powerful changes and discover what is truly possible for your life?

  • Maybe it’s a new relationship or maybe it’s a more loving, fun relationship with someone old (meaning not new!)
  • Maybe this is a year of finally healing an old pattern
  • Maybe you want to be a great mom to your child
  • Maybe you want to go on an adventure
  • Maybe you want to create work that you actually Love…..

We will spend time and energy focused on What’s UP For YOU. How do you want to be different? What do you want to receive, do, or be?

After you choose a focus, we’ll hold it up to the Light, watch it shimmer and shine in all its glory, make sure it’s a fit for your future, and set it in MOTION.

We’ll walk you through the creative steps ONE by ONE – illuminating each center of power you will use to make it REAL.

Join transformational life coaches Andrea Ferrante and Sue Vittner in this powerful workshop as we walk through the steps you can take to turn a dream into reality.

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June 29-30, 2018 (Fri. 9-5 & Sat. 9-12)