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Experiencing Life as Extraordinary

Life is a deeply satisfying and enriching adventure… and it asks us to travel many types of terrain. Whether it’s straight uphill with rocky turf or gradual slopes along a river, when we get off track it can get tricky to find our way home again. Without guidance, direction and support it’s easy to lose heart, forget our purpose or end up on a mundane treadmill in life devoid of passion.

Transformational coaching is about digging deep and connecting to what is real, solid and fulfilling.  It is about defining what makes you come alive and make meaning out of the life you have been given.

A well lived life allows us to respond to whatever life is calling for us to do next or become whomever we truly are deep inside. To have what is ours to have, and to give what we have to contribute. Otherwise we get stagnant, off course and life takes on a bitter taste.

Most worthy coaches know life happens on the inside before we see it reflected outside ourselves. They know when life asks a lot of us, it pays us back tenfold each time, because what it wants for us is more than what we want for ourselves.

Transformation asks us to wake up and live while we have time, or life will wake us up. It reaches into the heart and soul and connects you to your true nature.

Truth points to what is uniquely ours and discerns what belongs to every one of us. While humility teaches us about surrendering the I for the you and I, or even surrendering the I for the “we”.

Andrea works with you to learn to identify and remove what blocks your full expression of life in any moment of time and create a life that is your version of beyond ordinary.

If you like private coaching, individual sessions gives you the time, attention, and understanding you need to clarify your personal vision and to take the steps you need to take to create a life that you consider beautiful and full. Your focus may include:

    • Clarifying your vision and direction
    • Owning who you are
    • The freedom to feel and identify your emotions
    • Greater connection with yourself, others and your version of Source
    • Greater freedom and ease with communication
    • Awareness of your work and unique essence
    • Restoration of the core beliefs that support and work for you
    • The ability to live on purpose and from your soul
    • Permission to embody ease, fun, joy, lightness or any longing unfulfilled
    • Have a great life without compromise

Open the door to your own extraordinary life!

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