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Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. As the owner you know how much business can stretch us. This happens when we take too much on our own shoulders, grow too fast, or don’t have the people, processes, clarity, or support our organization truly needs to make our vision a reality. We may have great people but they discover a need for more clarity, deeper trust, and stronger accountability to combat the chaos, confusion and compromise that creeps in. We become consumed by working in the business, when we also need to be working on the business. We need to rediscover the heart of what matters, and create positive and practical momentum that makes sense.

Andrea Ferrante is a roll-up your sleeves, get things done and moving in a positive direction type of consultant. She can guide your business evolution to ensure both you and your company reach that healthy, vital feeling of flow that comes when things are working well.

Regardless of the scenario, Andrea brings the passion and practical experience necessary to help you identify and provide what’s needed for your company to reach peak performance. Things like:

  • Discerning purpose, values, vision
  • Getting the right people in the right roles
  • Creating measurable accountabilities
  • Holding meetings that your people find valuable
  • Clear decision-making practices
  • Integrating the spirit of we not me
  • Implementing structures and processes that strengthen trust and effectiveness

Every company’s scenario is unique yet every story is relatively the same. At the root of all business problems are people problems. And people problems always come down to communication. It is no secret that direct, honest, straightforward and respectful communication is the active ingredient in creating high performance teams. It’s also no secret that many of our most qualified people need deeper confidence and stronger skills to succeed in this critical arena.

As a small business owner you need to become a leader and teacher, as opposed to the judge, jury, and executioner you might feel like on a bad day. You need to set clear expectations and stand firm in what you will and won’t tolerate unless you want sheer exhaustion to rule your workplace from the energy drained by unresolved responsibilities.

Some entrepreneurs say too much and some say too little when it comes to building their teams and challenging them to perform at their highest possible levels. Our work is to assist you to say the right things in the right way at the right times, so your people are fully engaged and cooperating well with one another – in pursuit of your collective dreams.

If you are ready for a transformational journey that will help you and your team take your business to the next level of success call Andrea Ferrante today for an exploratory interview.

Believe it or not, every business problem has a solution. But finding these solutions, of course, is not easy for many entrepreneurs.   In our experience it is a simply a matter of listening to your customers, digging deeper inside to access the truth of what’s needed right now, and pursuing that truth until you return your team to balance and productivity.

Let us help you assess where you can capitalize on your strengths and turn your current frustrations and worries into the results and possibilities you  originally imagined.

Mid-Size Business Development Coaching

When a company with dozens of employees becomes a company of hundreds of employees, a whole new set of opportunities and challenges arise. New structures, training, and processes may become necessary, yet bureaucracy and rigidity can become unwelcome by-products that generate unnecessary work and disengaged team members. Departmental focus is needed to clarify roles and accountabilities, yet these very divisions often create communication issues, waste, and turf battles. The question becomes, how do you meet the needs of the organization and the people?

Quality leadership becomes imperative. When your leadership, purpose, and culture are compelling, people find meaning and value in their day-to-day assignments and the experience of work changes substantially. In fact, the whole organization becomes awake and alive.

Leadership is what fosters engagement, harmony, and cooperation so that your most valuable assets, your people, are fully committed and performing in synch at their highest possible level.

However, most of the time business leadership doesn’t know how to effectively create the organizational culture they want. They are busy meeting the day-to-day demands of the business and don’t allocate time to work “on the business.”

If leadership knows how to bring company values to life and keep them alive through thick and thin, these same values become your most important intangible asset. They are the core element of your culture that impacts everyone’s attitude and behavior every day. Fostering the leadership team to align with one another as well as organizational values energizes the overall spirit of the entire culture and helps elevate people to achieve goals and collaborate with each other. All too often, a few key people exhibit toxic behavior and are closed to coaching and feedback, which puts the organization at risk of losing their best people or worse, they stay and lose heart.

If you work around toxic behavior, rather than dealing with it on behalf of the whole organization, you lose credibility and your values become platitudes subject to lunchroom sarcasm.

When organizational values are vibrantly alive, however, and used to make the tough decisions, your people know they work in a special place and protect what they value with extra effort, innovative ideas, and honest problem solving.

The skills to bring about this type of empowering vibrant culture are often gained over time, and with practice, for most leaders. They are competencies learned and consciously chosen with the guidance of an effective coach. And while there are a vast number of best practices, effectiveness models, and systems to optimize performance, the best coaches know how to blend these elements into a conversation designed to help you find your own unique solutions. Instead of only answers, the most effective coaches provide powerful questions and a safe place to explore and transcend your blind-spots.

Andrea brings an experienced yet fresh set of eyes. She will ask the tough questions – but the right questions. She will listen deeply, talk to your key people, and collaboratively design targeted projects that address your most important concerns.

Consider the following questions:

    • Are there any problems your leadership team consistently has to work around because it’s too risky to discuss them?
    • Do you have any high performers who could use a serious attitude adjustment or hold themselves above what is expected of others?
    • Is your organization a learning community that challenges itself to innovate and collaborate at the next level, or is it stuck in overwhelm and struggling to keep up?
    • How well do your team members support one another, as opposed to focus on their own numbers?
    • Are your employees enthusiastically recommending your company to friends and family who are seeking a great place to work?


As your organizational growth brings about more complex challenges, you need more perspectives and voices at the problem-solving table. This occurs best with a skilled facilitator who can help your people solve problems, improve productivity and learn new leadership and teamwork skills all at the same time.

Andrea is well-prepared to play this role so that there is an immediate return on your investment. The greatest value, however, occurs as she teaches others how to express their leadership and facilitation skills in your “on the job classroom” that is not actually a classroom at all. It is your conference room or shop floor where the magic needs to occur and indeed, comes to life.


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