Experience and Values

  • I started Andrea Ferrante Coaching nearly a decade ago, and continue to develop my strengths and distill my life’s vision. My chosen vocation honors both my life path and my deep values by partnering with individuals and organizations to help them actualize their potential and transform their dreams into reality – to live their best life. I coach. I mentor. I teach. More than anything, I help people to discover what their goals and aspirations are and I walk beside them and support what is necessary to realize these visions.

    My experience is broad. I credit my expertise to a beautiful balance of real life experience and a vast range of learning and growth through many teachers and trainings along the way. I graduated from Eckerd College with a BA in Sociology, I studied at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and I have a Masters of Divinity degree from USHS in California.

    I have owned and operated several Maine-based businesses in the fields of marketing and advertising, retail, property development, holistic healing, and consulting. I am a certified trainer in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a certified empowerment trainer and coach, and an independent trainer in Non-Violent Communication.

    All of these accomplishments reflect my life-long desire to understand and develop human potential. I have a commitment to leadership and excellence that is based on integrity, vision, mutuality, trust, and a deep commitment to the journey. Which is why these days most of my time is spent partnering with individuals and businesses to lead them into a new or fresh vision of success and well-being.

My life has given me the opportunity to live what I teach. Born and raised a Mainer, I am a third generation entrepreneur. As one of nine children, at a very young age I was drawn into the business world by an extremely hard-working, successful businessman, my Dad. He constantly taught by example – working hard for what he wanted, and helping others to do the same.

Following in my father’s footsteps, at the age of 15, I began my own work career in retail. A few years later, I entered the restaurant business and by the age of 21 I was working 70 hours a week as restaurant manager. Like most people, I had my ups and my share of downs. The challenges are the ones that taught me strength, character and humility. And other experiences taught me to imagine and to go for what I enjoy in life. I started businesses of my own, helped others grow businesses they owned and learned the magic in creating visions and realizing dreams. It’s hard work at times and it’s all worth it.

Building businesses is fun and challenging and not unlike building anything we want to build in life. Creating a vision, learning how to walk through challenges and blocks, learning acceptance, when to surrender and when to dig in. And recognizing life is full of choice.

When I get inspired about something I have strong commitment, perseverance and usually the capacity to keep walking towards it. I do the same with my clients’ vision. In my experience, this has consistently been what leads to success. I believe in setting powerful intentions and in the organic nature of thing, letting them unfold as we go and being willing to accept that great things often take time and patience.

Threaded within business success is the passion I have to help people create what they want for themselves – in their lives as well as their companies. For most of my life, have I enjoyed successfully creating and managing businesses. As I have traveled in and out of organizations I recognize that the value of real Leadership is one of the qualities most organizations and individuals often lose sight of.  I find we all can get caught up in being “busy” and without solid footing in what you value and real leadership, busy can lead to burn out and unhappiness. When we are grounded by our principles, have a clear vision of what we want and align with others to build something together, great things come about for everyone involved.

Life is loaded with opportunities for transformation and accomplishment for everyone involved. I like to dive in, learn what needs to be learned, produce what needs to be produced and get onto the next platform and enjoy the view. Actualizing both possibility and power has become the foundation of my work. To follow our vision clearly and align with our intrinsic capacity to create what is possible…we all need partnership. We need another perspective; another set of eyes, ears, we need support, feedback, collaboration. I have learned, that “going it alone” is the hard way. We get amazing things accomplished with others.

My coaching and consulting business is the fruit of all my journeys – business, personal, and spiritual. When we finally hear and play our own tune, and live our own truth, good things become great things, we live the extraordinary and we end up with what we were looking for all along.

Our Core Values

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    • Transformation & Growth

      Life is often asking us to shift – to transform the old into the new. To let go of patterns, ideas, thoughts, and behaviors that no longer serve, thus opening us to experience more fulfillment, fullness, and faith. Sometimes that requires surrender or acceptance, sometimes it is striving for what we know is next. Sometimes it is hearing some honest direct feedback and making a decision to move in a new direction. Flow rather than stagnation breeds vitality and happiness. Growth in it’s many forms is at the core of our work with clients.

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    • Abundance & Prosperity

      We value the quality of abundance that exists inside us, and around us. We believe we all have access to this abundance and prosperity in many of it’s forms- without exception. We also believe there is a key place for each person, family, organization that contains the experience of feeling sustained and fulfilled. Understanding the unlimited access we each have to the intangibles that create so much fulfillment in life is a paramount objective in our work with people and organizations.

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    • Responsibility

      The power and possibility that lies in this one core value is integral to achieving your life’s purpose. It is, perhaps, one of the greatest attributes we can aspire to to in our humanity. We believe that the first step in many circumstances is to recognize our own capacity to respond in the best way possible to the situations we face. We encourage responsibility as a means of empowerment not as a way to burden oneself.

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    • Freedom

      We each have great freedom in choosing how we express ourselves. And, to a large extent, we are free to choose our life experiences. We believe in exploring that freedom with a high degree of respect for others and ourselves. We believe in the freedom to choose and to author our lives and businesses in ways that honor our values.

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    • Joy

      We believe one of the highest callings in life is to know and accept joy. Receiving the many blessings available to us is something many of us lose sight of in our day-to- day rhythms. We believe adding fun, joy, lightheartedness, and pleasure to work and to life is a core value worthy of time and attention.

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    • Sincerity

      Sincerity opens the door to truth and compassion. When we show up with sincerity in our hearts it becomes easier to receive help and accept what needs to be accomplished. We carry sincerity towards our mission to fully serve clients in finding their way through obstacles and onto what matters most for their business and for their lives.

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    • Connection

      No one walks completely alone in life. Recognizing the value of heartfelt connection to the Creator, to our own being, to the ones we love, and to the ones we are learning to love helps us appreciate the relationships we have built. Whether it’s with our families, co-workers, colleagues or nature itself we believe that we are inextricably connected and One, Universal, and Whole.

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