What Our Clients Say About Us

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For years, I wanted to control everything in my life, to have everything perfect. Ironically, the harder I tried, the more ease, flow, and joy began to evaporate from my life. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. As a result, I wasn’t fully present for my family, friends, or clients.

Then, I reached out to Andrea. With her support, I started to close the disconnection between my head and my heart. I shifted my energy and slowly let go of the illusion of control and perfection. I chose freedom. I am so grateful to Andrea for helping me learn to once again be present and live fully. She is an amazing and gifted healer, teacher, coach, and woman.

Mandy Schumaker
Higher Performing People


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As a business owner, I have always struggled in finding a healthy balance with life. I took her workshop with five of my staff members and she guided us through the seven areas of life with deep love, compassion and empathy. The workshop was truly a life changing experience for all of us. It helped the entire workplace find a true purpose and helped each one of us, as individuals, find our own fulfillment. This has transformed our workplace environment into one filled with inspiration, clarity and joy. Andrea helped me personally recognize things about myself that I didn’t realize I had the power to change.
I now feel extremely confident in running my business and know that things are heading in the right direction in my personal and professional life.

Maura Edgecomb, Owner
Heaven & Earth Day Spa and Wellness Center


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I was in a dark place filled with fear that I thought would drown me. I felt trapped and didn’t see my way out of survival mode to discover new possibilities. Working with Andrea allowed me to get back to center, to revive and trust my true spirit. I once again experienced lightness and relief. I felt supported to face my challenges and be kind to myself.

I was profoundly heard with Andrea. I found not only my spirit but also my voice. Her healing and coaching throughout our time together was truly amazing. I am grateful.

Sherri J French
Reiki Healer/Holistic-Spiritual Coach


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Whenever I turned to Andrea, whether I was struggling with relationships or weighing professional choices, she provided such presence, such depth. She provided the vast and safe container I needed to explore, to trust, to move forward. She also gave me the gift of guidance, and I experienced transformation on many levels. Andrea helped me discover the wisdom that exists within me and gave me the courage to tap into it.

Sue Vittner
Massage Therapist


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Andrea leads by example. I learned so much just from watching her. Seeing where she’s willing to go in her life has given me the faith to always take the next step in mine. Andrea brings qualities such as truth, peace, and love to life. I couldn’t have had a better role model as I work through my own process of self-discovery and create the life I desire.

Stephanie Kostopoulos

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