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employee trainings

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We all know how one negative employee, an uninspired group of people, or a team that doesn’t get along can wreak havoc on entire organizations and business culture.

Certified empowerment trainer and business coach, Andrea Ferrante, along with her Beyond Ordinary Business colleagues, offers content driven training sessions that inspire, motivate, teach, and promote excellent action.

Participants learn and develop skills that create well-being, enhance communication, foster positive relationships, and produce meaningful results from a better feeling mindset. The environment we work in and the energy we bring to our work is vital in creating from our greatest potential.

When people feel good about their life and their work they contribute positivity and add value to everything they do.

Below are topics that can be delivered as lunch and learns as well as full and half day employee training’s:

  • Let Go of Stress and Create Possibility
  • Cultivate a Powerful Mindset
  • Manifesting Your Intentions
  • Empowering Leadership
  • The Power in Presence: the Art of Remaining Connected and Open
  • The Heart of Relationship with Others
  • Dealing With Difficult Situations
  • Authentic Communication
  • Beyond Ordinary Business: Best Practices

Custom training’s are available. Call 207-939-1124 to book your company training or set up an initial consultation.

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